Here’s a list of some of the websites/apps I use often.


Product HuntProduct Hunt

I use this almost every day. It has an upvote system similar to Reddit so you know what’s popular. It is a fun community with a great showcase of products daily.  I highly recommend subscribing to their email list.  (They also really like cats for some reason.)


500 Startups500 Startups

They have invested in more than 800 startups (they must’ve gotten tired of changing the domain name after a while) all over the world.  Rather than applying for the prestigious programs that they offer, I instead look at their portfolio which allows you to see all of the businesses that 500 Startups has invested in.



We’ve all heard of it.  I love this site.  I think crowdsourcing can be a wonderful tool when handled correctly.  They do a great job of giving products in different areas like technology and journalism an equal chance.


Quora is basically a souped up Yahoo Answers.  Experts answer topics related to their field.  As a user, you can ask and answer questions and subscribe to topics.  I frequently read the “Entrepreneurship” topic.  Also has an upvote system.


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