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Getting a job in the US is hard by itself.  And getting a gig at a top level company like Goldman Sachs, Google, Morgan Stanley is even more difficult.   So if you come from another country and English isn’t your first language, getting one of these jobs simply seems impossible.

This is where Paragon One, a career advisory startup, comes in.  Paragon One helps students make a career development plan, introduces career advisors from top companies to student, and most importantly helps students secure a job or internship.

I got to interview Matt Wilkerson, co-founder and CEO of Paragon One:

How did you come up with the idea for Paragon One?

My co-founder and I were frustrated with the career services function in college with wasted time on extra degrees and money. We knew that there could be a way more efficient way to help students get their first internship and first job that didn’t involve all the wasteful stuff that colleges have you do. And we knew it had to involve a combination of coaching, professional connections, and intelligent matchmaking.


Paragon One recently raised $1.9 Million in funding.  How did you convince investors to provide you this capital?

By articulating the problem and painting the vision of how getting a job would be disrupted in the future.  It would be decoupled from the college experience.


You are an alum of MIT.  Did attending MIT open any unexpected doors for you as an entrepreneur?  

Yes.  The biggest benefit of attending MIT was the relationships I developed that are still strong today and have impacted my career in numerous ways.


What is your method of customer acquisition?  Is this more difficult considering your clientele are mostly overseas?

We do a lot of content marketing and educational seminars.  For our international students attending college in the US, we go to China and do a number of educational seminars with parents, and students when they are on break.


Do you have any habits that you feel have attributed to your success as an entrepreneur?

Confidence in yourself and in your gut instinct.


Lastly, do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs?

There’s no need to rush to start a company.  Be deliberate, be passionate, and learn as much as you can.  People are everything so if you don’t see a path to building a great team, work on that first.


If you want to learn more about Paragon One, you can see their website here.

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