About Me

I’m Neil, a teenager bitten by the startup bug. My love for entrepreneurship started in the sixth-grade where I sold origami to anyone I could.  I wasn’t quite making millions, but I consider that experience a success, as my first dip into entrepreneurship.  After that, entrepreneurship became a heavy interest of mine.   Over a recent summer break, I made an attempt to get involved in my city’s startup scene.  However, after asking many startups if I could get involved, I was rejected or ignored by startups of all shapes and sizes.


I decided to take things into my own hands.


I’ve built Startup Hound from the ground up to share valuable insights about running your own business from the brightest and most innovative minds in the startup world.

Startup Hound has given me the opportunity to connect with some incredible people and their startups. I hope you can use my site to learn more about the bustling world of entrepreneurship.







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If you know how to improve Startup Hound, want to learn more about me and my project, or you're part of a startup and you want to get involved, please put in your message below.